What we do and what can you expect from us


  • Exploitation of 3 thousand m² territory warehouses in Alytus
  • Storage of cargoes and goods of different purpose in ordinary as well as in customs warehouse
  • Performing of unloading and loading works
  • Sorting of cargoes, packing, measuring, weighting, marking, formation of dispatches, organization of delivery and collection
  • Processing of load transportation documents, issuing VAT invoices
  • Keeping of full record of goods’ movement in warehouse, making reports on accomplished operations
  • Ensuring of complete security of goods and preserving of commodity appearance

Performing of the following operations in customs warehouse:

  • keeping of EU Community’s and not Community’s goods, not taxing them on import and duties
  • performing of export formalities for exportable goods of economy subjects of EU Community (complementation, temporal storage, re-direction, documentary and customs formalization)
  • formalizing of documents of shipping re-directing for trading subjects in the directions of West – East and East –West
  • performing of routine regulative operations for the goods kept in customs warehouse
  • (Complementation, coordination, testing, reconstruction, division, changes of packing and etc.)